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nomen_penna ([personal profile] nomen_penna) wrote2012-01-08 03:41 pm
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Stress therapy?

Since before Christmas I've been doing crafts. Partly to manage my stress and occupy my time, but mostly because it's really fun. :D

I'm really not very good, but I don't care. I am enjoying myself!

First I made christmas cards.

Then I made these funky owls. I'm actually really pleased with them.

Next came the penguins, which turned out pretty well too.

Now I made some easter lambs (one mustn't conform too much).

They didn't turn out great, but they're almost cute in their crappy-ness. :D

Lastly, I made Mr & Mrs Folklore, and I am proud of them, even though they don't look as good as I had hoped.


So far, I'm using Panduro kits to make my craft, but I'm hoping to become confident enough to break away and make my own things soon.

All in all, I think this is a great way to manage stress, if you - like me - are not into yoga. :D